Panamerican provides cultural resources services to federal, state, and municipal agencies and private entities. We are the Experts in Cultural Resource Management and provide a host of services that you will find useful.

Panamerican has successfully managed and completed projects in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner.

We are a GSA service provider, a Cooperator with Army Medical Research Aquistion Activity, and a service provider with ERDC-CERL.

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Panamerican's energy and communication projects include oil, gas, and water pipelines; wind parks; cell towers; and fiber-optic, telephone, and cable lines.

Our clients include Williams Transco, Noble Energy, Duke Energy, AT&T, Ecology and Environment, and ENSR, to name a few.

Our staff, which includes former FERC and SHPO personnel, has extensive experience in the compliance process. Let Panamerican, the experts in Cultural Resource Management, guide you and your project through the NEPA process.

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Panamerican, one of the most qualified Cultural Resource Management Firms working for the military today, has conducted projects for 10 separate Corps of Engineer Districts, more than 70 installations, and every Service branch.

Our current work includes BRAC related projects, development of Cold War contexts, Legacy Cultural Resources Management studies, and Native America consultations.

Let our extensive military expertise guide you and your projects through the compliance process.

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Panamerican's residential and industrial projects include: industrial parks, housing developments, shopping centers, superfund sites, mining and quarrying operations, city revitalization, and parks and recreation.

Our clients include large and small architectural and engineering firms, environmental companies, municipalities, and state and federal agencies to name a few.

Let Panamerican, the Experts in Cultural Resource Management, guide you and your project through all the permitting processes.

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Panamerican's transportation projects include all phases and types of cultural resource management related to roads and highways, bridges, railways, waterways, airports, and bike and hiking trails. We have held continuous contracts with a majority of the southern Departments of Transportation.

In addition, many of our clients include large and small environmental, architectural, and engineering firms; county engineers; and municipalities.

Let Panamerican use its expertise to help navigate you through the permitting process.

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